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Our Goal is to Give Our Customers a Dependable Circuit and a Valued Shopping Experience

As your broker, our job is to find the right service provider for you. This involves assessing your needs, matching those needs with the provider’s capabilities, and negotiating the lowest carrier line rates possible. Need carrier services? Create an online quote. We will save you money on services - Guaranteed!

See what our customers have to say about their Telecommunication connection experience with us:

".. over 5 years .. We have come to rely on his expertise and guidance"
"Bob Horan [ECS Telecom] has been an invaluable part of our operating team for over 5 years now. Although he is technically a vendor representative, he feels more like a team member. We have come to rely on his expertise and guidance in making critical decisions regarding our company and he has never failed to exceed our expectations."

Anita - Tony -

"installation is complete, I can say that we experienced virtually no downtime"
"Bob, thank you for all your help with our T-1 issues, especially for your efforts to help resolve some of the confusion. Now that the installation is complete, I can say that we experienced virtually no downtime in the transition from two circuits to one. It's a bit unusual, at least in this part of the country, to find a T-1 line to a rural residence in the middle of a National Preserve."

H. Taylor -Taylor Consulting

"painstakingly and honestly explored my options"
"I live in an area which isn't serviced by cable or DSL broadband Internet. I settled on satellite broadband Internet, but found that performance using a VPN connection over this type of Internet channel was intolerably slow."

"I began searching for possible alternatives, which led me through a succession of broadband Internet brokers who ranged from unhelpful to unscrupulous. Bob Horan at LowT1Rates [ECS Telecom] was the only broker who listened to my situation, explained my alternatives and set in motion a plan to achieve my goal. I may end up with a relatively expensive T1 solution, but at least I'll feel confident that Bob will have painstakingly and honestly explored my options."

Louis B. Hobson Tomball, Texas

"outstanding customer service... genuinely concerned"
"Low T1 Rates [ECS Telecom] consultant Bob Horan offered us outstanding customer service. Not only was he genuinely concerned with our needs and interests, but his patience and understanding made the shopping process simple for a non-techno savvy individual like me.  Along with his great personal service he was able to find us the most professional and cheapest deal out there, requiring little work on my part.  For future needs we will definitely call for Bob Horan’s expertise."

Jordan P. Ryan Erwin and Associates

"Lower price and faster install ... I EVEN SAVED MONEY ON A MONTHLY BASIS!"
"Low T1 Rates' Bob Horan [ECS Telecom] has been invaluable in helping my small ISP procure and manage multiple T1 lines. He not only helps find the best plan for my application, but also follows the order through the entire process. He even checks back on a regular basis after install to be sure everything is working. He also assisted me in lowering my circuit rate on a contract renew. And, at one point I was having trouble with my provider uptime, Bob helped escalate the problem and the issue was resolved quicker than if I tried resolving by myself."

"Bob [ECS Telecom] is a FULL SERVICE MIS/T1 Broker, and I can't imagine ordering/managing my circuit without him."

"Also, maybe what you are most interested in: I did shop around to procure my own T1 circuit before I called Bob. I found the lowest price, ordered and even received a T1 modem from the provider. However, there was no follow-through and after 2 months of frustration I searched the 'net and found Bob Horan. I then called Bob and he got me a LOWER PRICE and FASTER INSTALL! The process was much much smoother and I EVEN SAVED MONEY ON A MONTHLY BASIS!"

Bill R

"convenient and cost effective ... explaining the pros and cons of the different services"
"We found to be a very convenient and cost effective way to find new Voice and Data Service. Within 1-2 seconds there were quotes from 5-6 different providers. The folks [ECS Telecom] were very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of the different services they were representing."

Tony Calisi   Advanced Technology

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