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Independent Telecommunications brokerage company

Our goal as your broker, is to find the right service provider for you. This involves assessing your needs, matching those needs with the provider’s capabilities, and negotiating the lowest line rate possible. By utilizing our free service you receive the following benefits.
  1. Objectivity - As a broker of services we are not biased toward a particular service provider. We are able to find the service that fits you from among the offerings of our best-of-class partners.
  2. Guidance - Although you may only sign a telecommunications contract every few years, we help companies sign contracts every day. We have the experience to guide you through the process of quoting, selecting an appropriate provider, provisioning and any customer service issues you may have.
  3. Leverage - By putting a significant volume of traffic through our providers, we’re able to leverage this on your behalf and find the best possible prices for you.
  4. :: Lowest Price Guarantee :: Price guarantee
    You won't find a better deal going directly to our vendors or by going to another broker who sells these same vendors or just broadcasts your email contact information and hoping for the best. How can we offer such a guarantee? It's called bulk.
  5. Proposal - Our review of access pricing is yours free to compare costs after you complete your quote request.  We will send you a detailed  proposal outlining your various options of multiple providers and highlight our recommendations.

    In-depth Proposal

We appreciate your interest and look forward to providing you the best service, reliability and value in the telecommunications market place.
Residential DSL ($19 to $99/month)
 Business Class Cable / DSL (Static IP's)
 Fractional T1 (< 1.5 Mbits)
 T1 (1.5 Mbits)
 Multiple Bonded T1 (1.5 - 6.0 Mbits)
 Fractional DS3 (6.0 - 45 Mbits)
 DS3 (45 Mbits)
 Ethernet Fiber, over Copper ( Eoc) (10 Mbits - 1 Gbits)
 OC3 (155 Mbits)
 OC12 (622 Mbits)
 OC48 (2.48 Gbits)
 Frame Relay / ATM
 Virtual Private Network (VPN)
 Point to Point ( Private Line )
 Server Co location
 Managed Hosting
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