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EUGENE, OR July, 2002 (Xpress Press) - ECS Telecom today announced the release of it's new  website and unveiled its next generation comparison-shopping technology, appropriately named BottomLine(tm). The new BottomLine(tm) software calculates every fee, tax, and surcharge that one can expect to pay with most long distance carriers, based on the customer's calling profile.

"This new technology allows customers to find the very best long distance service based on the total bill, or the overall cost of service," commented Bob Horan, CEO at ECS Telecom. "All other competing web sites focus primarily on rates to determine which would be the "best" product for the consumer. We believe that the bottom line should be the customer's bottom line on their bill and our site does just that. It shows the previously hidden fees, surcharges, and taxes that may cause a customer to pay up to 100% more than they originally expected to pay based solely on rates. As we all know, every long distance company does a very proficient job in making their plans look appealing by hiding their fees and making their plans difficult to understand. What people often overlook is the fact that these hidden fees make a significant impact on their bill. Our software simply quantifies this impact in dollars and cents and gets to the bottom line."

The new BottomLine(tm) comparison shopping software was developed with the joint efforts of ECS Telecom, Extreme Programming, Inc., and Telarus Networks, Inc. Based on this data, the overall bill for each of 10 Long Distance Carriers is calculated. BottomLine(tm) first eliminates all plans that the user does not qualify for geographically; then displays the remaining plans with the suggested 'best bill' appearing on the top of the list. The customer has the option to see exactly how the overall bill amount is calculated and the effect of hidden fees on the bill. At this point, application for service from any of the vendors listed is just one click away.

"BottomLine(tm) will allow consumers to make accurate and well informed decisions after the program deciphers the numerous long distance plans, each offering attractive rates," continued Bob Horan. "The project began when a team of researchers and programmers from three cooperating telecommunication software firms were challenged to create the first Long Distance "Bill" comparison, not just "Rate" comparison technology. After many months of research, cooperation and coordination with the Long Distance Companies, we were amazed with the results of the BottomLine(tm) project and are excited to make this product available to the public free of charge."

ECS Telecom, Eugene, OR. They specialize in the retail sale of discounted telecommunication products and business services. ECS Telecom has been serving the public and helping consumers find the best providers to meet their individual needs since 2000.

Bob Horan
Telecommunications Consultant

ECS Telecom
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