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What is ECS Telecom’s Value Added Reseller Program?

Simple. It is our way of making it easy for our sales consultants to partner with others, meaning you, in the telecommunications industry. Enter your Zip Code above to give it a test drive.

Telecommunications is a staple for business. For businesses requiring dedicated T1 voice and Internet services, as well as businesses needing to connect various locations together, we offer a unique set of tools, partnerships, and industry professionals to help them make the right buying decision. Through our Value Added Reseller Partnership Program, we offer you a direct relationship with one of our certified telecommunications sales consultants so that when your customers and contacts require these types of services you know where to turn.

What we have found is that telecommunications often, if not usually, involves multiple companies fulfilling different client needs, such as cabling, hardware sales and management, outsourced IT, etc. By providing an easy way for our sales consultants to directly partner with businesses and individuals like you, we accomplish three goals that are important to your business.

  1. We make partnering easy.
  2. The bottom line is that you don’t have time to waste. Neither do our consultants. That’s why we created a partnership process that takes less than 2 minutes…really! (Read below under ‘How do I become a ECS Telecom VAR Partner?’ for details.)
  3. We make you look like a know-it-all.
  4. A client’s mind share is an incredibly valuable thing. When one of your clients needs something that you cannot do, it naturally opens the door to competition. This is the reality of business. Keep your customers forward facing by letting them know if you can’t do something personally, you have the industry contacts who can.
  5. We take care of your people.
  6. We understand that these businesses are often your customers for other products and services. That is why the partnership is between you and the sales consultant you choose. This one on one relationship is how GOOD business gets done. With all the telecommunications headaches people and businesses have experienced, it is a tremendous value to know that there is one neck to squeeze when you or the businesses you refer work through ECS Telecom. Our one of a kind quote system offers immediate quote results, our consultants offer professional Industry insight into which carrier would make a good fit for a business’ needs, and with our Low Price Guarantee we actually pay your customer cash back if they receive a better price quote than what we offer through any of the carriers we represent. :: Lowest Price Guarantee ::

What can we do for your customers and contacts? We partner with over twenty different national and regional telecommunications vendors, all offering a combination of dedicated voice, Internet, and WAN/data transfer solutions. Unlike other consulting firms, our sales staff will help them make an informed decision and stand by them through the entire provisioning and billing process. Our business is helping other business purchase the best solution at the best price. We will not sell you a product that is overpriced or does not fit your situation.

How do I get credit and Attract New Clients?

    Custom Web Portal. We will build a custom web page portal for you! You can submit your new site to search engines or have your sales force access your new web page and enter client information and get results "in real time".

    Quote Request Box - If you already have a web site you can enter HTML code into your existing pages. Your staff or clients can enter their information and see T1, T3, Business DSL reporting results in real time. ( OC3, OC12, OC48, Point 2 Point i.e. ( private line ) requires special pricing ))

    Branded Site - You can brand your "Geo plus" site with custom logos,  images and text. Register a new domain name or create a sub-domain with your current provider to promote your additional services.

    We do all the Accounting for You! - Monthly commissions are automatically sent directly to you . We will even cut a 1098 if commissions exceed $500 in a given year. (Fed ID # required)

    Auto Tracking - View referrals in real time in your back office. Instantly see the status of clients and track provisioning, new clients and customer contact activity.

How do I become a VAR Partner?

Please provide your background and contact information and we will evaluate your qualifications. We will fill in a few blanks and generate a Portal for you and your customers. This creates a unique link to our quoting tool so your customers can submit their information on the Internet when appropriate, as well as a login and password to your partner site for you so you can keep track of any customers you refer. You can see quotes created, notes about conversations, and even when one of your referrals decides to purchase services from one of our carriers. No mess, no fuss, no miscommunications. Just a clean and easy partnership that brings value to your clients and your business.

Ok, what's the next step?

Partnership FormContact us with the following account set-up information or give us a call at 541-896-3094 and we will set-up your Value Added Reseller account over the phone. Or, you may click here to fill out our online application or visit VAR Network for the quickest setup results.

VAR Contact Name:
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VAR Email Address:
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VAR Mailing Address:  City | State | Zip
Tax ID Number: ( commission projection over $500 p/yr ) Uncle Sam
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Our commitment to service is assured.

This opportunity extends to equipment vendors, installers, and Systems Integrators as a way to offer complete customer solutions - equipment - install - and quality reliable low cost Internet, Voice Data services. Please review our Privacy Policy and About Us page for additional information about ECS Telecom or send us an email requesting information.

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