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Some services require additional lead time. Most of the pricing can be viewed in real-time, others require ICB to ensure the correct service and the lowest rates. The real-time quotes are just the starting point. We monitor all the providers to see what specials are being offered each month and pass the savings on to your company.

XO Communications OC-192 IP Backbone Services

XO Authorized AgentXO Communications is a facilities-based carrier that operates a nationwide multi 10 Gigabit Tier 1 fiber optic network and serves 75 U.S. major metropolitan markets. Provides Integrated Voice/Internet service with Dynamic bandwidth allocation and Dedicated Internet Services DS1/ T1, Fractional DS3, DS3 and more.

XO has one of the highest capacity and scalable OC-192 IP backbone with OC-12 uplinks in the industry, along with the highest levels of performance and reliability. Their network has nearly 1,000 central office collocations, 3,000 fiber-fed buildings, and processes more than 25 billion VoIP minutes a year.

  • Integrated Voice/Internet service with Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Local PRI / Supertrunk / Integrated Access delivered via Analog BBL Trunks or PRI
  • Dedicated Internet Services DS1/ T1, Fractional DS3, DS3
  • Frame Relay over XO's MPLS enabled IP backbone
  • Private Lines DS1/T1, DS3/T3
  • Ethernet Over Copper - 10Mbps

XO Scalable Products and Services:

  • Data T1/ Bonded T1
  • Ethernet over DS1/DS3
  • Local Voice
  • Fractional/Full DS3
  • Ethernet WAN
  • VPLS
  • Frac/Full OC3/12/48
  • Integrated (Analog Handoff)
  • Point to Point
  • Metro Fiber Ethernet
  • Integrated (PRI Handoff)
  • Colocation
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Integrated (SIP Handoff)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • High BW Fixed Wireless
  • Dedicated LD (In/Out)
  • SIP (Local/LD Trunks)

Updated Thursday, March 21, 2019

Internet Access

Internet Access

Quote Time

Data T1 (DS1), Bonded T1 (3-12 Mbps), Full / Fractional DS3 (T3) Real-time
Full / Fractional OC3 OC12 OC48 3 Days
3G, 4G Wimax, Fixed Wireless, Satellite, Mobile Wireless


Quote Time

High Bandwidth Fixed Wireless (Microwave) 3 Days


Quote Time

Ethernet over Copper (2M - 20M), Ethernet over DS1 / DS3 (1.54Mbps - 45Mbps over serial) Real-time
Metro Fiber Ethernet 5 Days


Quote Time

Integrated (SIP Handoff), Integrated (PRI Handoff), Integrated (Analog Handoff) Real-time
Voice  - PBX - Hosted - Local / LD

Voice Products

Quote Time

Local Voice, Dedicated LD (In/Out) Real-time
SIP (Local/LD Trunks), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 3 Days

Networks - LAN / WAN

Quote Time

Point to Point - Private Line USA Domestic (1.54Mbps - 1GB) Real-time
MPLS, Ethernet WAN, VPLS 7-10 Days
Managed Services

Managed Services

Quote Time

Microsoft Exchange 1 Day
Colocation 3 Days

Wireless, VoIP, Data, Voice, Ethernet and Managed Services

T1 | DS3 | OCx | Ethernet Providers 3G/4G Fixed Mobile Wireless WAN LAN Networks VPLS Point to Point Colocation / Managed Services
Data Options:

 Data T1 / Bonded T1
 Full / Frac DS3
 4G WiMax
 High Bandwidth Fixed

We will explore all options for you to assist in determining which carrier serves your location (s).


Detailed ProposalPlease Choose your Service Request Type:
High Speed Internet Access
Voice (SIP/LD/Local/VoIP/POTS)
Networks (MPLS/VPN/WAN/P2P)
Integrated Access (Voice/Data/Flex/PRI)
Network Services (Firewall/Collocation)

Request an XO price quote. We will confirm if XO Cummunications T1, DS3, OC3 is available in your area and assist with negotiating the lowest rate possible. We will Broker your next connection at significant savings! Side-by-side cost analysis with a detailed proposal from a premier provider.
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