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Some services require additional lead time. Most of the pricing can be viewed in real-time, others require ICB to ensure the correct service and the lowest rates. The real-time quotes are just the starting point. We monitor all the providers to see what specials are being offered each month and pass the savings on to your company.

CenturyLink Fiber Network Carrier ServicesCenturyLink, Inc

CenturyLink Business is a choice of 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, offering a comprehensive portfolio of data and voice networking communications solutions to enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions of all sizes. The CenturyLink network backbone covers the entire continental United States and has one of the largest fiber footprints in the U.S., capable of supporting 40 Gbps data transmission rates now and 100 Gbps soon.

CenturyLink provides services in 14 western U.S. states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

CenturyLink's broadband network, designed with the latest advances in network technology for speed and efficiency, extends more than 173,000 route miles globally, enabling new products and services that benefit businesses worldwide.

  • Managed Data17 CyberCenter hosting facilities
  • Top 10 autonomous network
  • Supports 100 Gbps data transmission rates
  • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) fast reroute
  • More than 1,800 transport access points of presence (PoPs), including 30 TeraPoPs

CenturyLink Products and Services:

  • Data T1 / Bonded T-1
  • Metro Fiber Ethernet
  • Point to Point
  • Fractional/Full DS3
  • Ethernet (WAN)
  • POTS Lines
  • Frac/Full OC3/12/48
  • Integrated (PRI Handoff)
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Integrated (Analog Handoff)
  • Local Voice
  • Ethernet over DS1/DS3
  • Integrated (SIP Handoff)
  • Colocation
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dedicated LD (In/Out)
  • SIP (Local/LD Trunks)

Updated Thursday, March 21, 2019

Internet Access

Internet Access

Quote Time

Data T1 (DS1), Bonded T1 (3-12 Mbps), Full / Fractional DS3 (T3) Real-time
Full / Fractional OC3 OC12 OC48 3 Days


Quote Time

Ethernet over Copper (2M - 20M), Ethernet over DS1/DS3 (1.5M - 45M over serial) Real-time
Metro Fiber Ethernet (100M - 1G over fiber), Gigabit Ethernet (1G-40G over fiber) 5 Days


Quote Time

Integrated (SIP Handoff), Integrated (PRI Handoff), Integrated (Analog Handoff) Real-time
Voice  - PBX - Hosted - Local / LD

Voice Products

Quote Time

Local Voice, Dedicated Long Distance (In/Out) Real-time
POTS Lines 1-4 Days
SIP (Local/LD Trunks) 3 Days

Networks - LAN / WAN

Quote Time

Point to Point - Private Line USA Domestic (1.54Mbps - 1GB), Point to Point (International) Real-time
Ethernet WAN, MPLS, VPLS 7-10 Days
Managed Services

Managed Services

Quote Time

Managed Firewall / VPN - email and web hosting 1 Day

CenturyLink Network Map

CenturyLink, Inc

CenturyLink Network Map

CenturyLink owns and operates more than 173,000 network miles and 17 data centers and the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States.

Wireless, VoIP, Data, Voice, Ethernet and Managed Services

T1 | DS3 | OCx | Ethernet Providers 3G/4G Fixed Mobile Wireless WAN LAN Networks VPLS Point to Point Colocation / Managed Services

Data Options:

 Data T1 / Bonded T1
 Full / Frac DS3
 4G WiMax
 High Bandwidth Fixed
We will explore all options for you to assist in determining which carrier serves your location (s).


Detailed ProposalPlease Choose your Service Request Type:
High Speed Internet Access
Voice (SIP/LD/Local/VoIP/POTS)
Networks (MPLS/VPN/WAN/P2P)
Integrated Access (Voice/Data/Flex/PRI)
Network Services (Firewall/Collocation)
Request an CenturyLink price quote. We will confirm if CenturyLink T1, DS3, OC3 is available in your area and assist with negotiating the lowest rate possible. We will Broker your next connection at significant savings! Side-by-side cost analysis with a detailed proposal from a premier provider.
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